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Tips and care

Joaquín Prior watches and jewelry are exclusively crafted from premium materials, making proper care essential.
Clean your jewelry by gently brushing it with a soft hairbrush and warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry them delicately. Regular cleaning brings out the brilliance of the stones.
If your jewelry still appears dull, and the stones do not regain their sparkle, kindly send it to us.
Apply lotions, cosmetics, hair spray, and perfume before putting on jewelry.
When removing jewelry, gently wipe each piece with a soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.
Never wear jewelry during physical activities, household chores, or gardening.
Do not expose jewelry to household cleaning products.
Avoid exposing jewelry to chlorine in swimming pools.
Store your jewelry in its original case.
Travel Tips
For travel, we recommend wrapping each piece separately in a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Joaquín Prior travel pouches are available.
Pendants, necklaces, and bracelets should be laid flat to prevent link deformation.
We advise clasping the chains to prevent knotting.
If you plan to travel or transport a Joaquín Prior piece, protect it by wrapping it securely, preferably in its original case or a Joaquín Prior travel pouch.
Preventing Damage
Some incidents can cause damage to your jewelry.
When lifting or carrying heavy objects, avoid placing them against your jewelry, as they may scratch or harm it.
To minimize the risk of scratches and potential impacts, refrain from wearing multiple accessories on the same wrist or finger.
Also, steer clear of risky activities, such as intense sports that could harm your jewelry.
If you want your jewelry to regain its original shine, send it to our workshop.
Is your ring too tight or too loose? Send it to our workshop for resizing.
Our watches are precision instruments consisting of hundreds of tiny parts and delicate gears. Regular preventive maintenance will help counteract the natural wear and tear of the components and oil alterations.
It is highly recommended to wipe away moisture and natural skin perspiration with a soft cloth or chamois whenever you remove the watch. The metal bracelet can be cleaned when necessary with a small, soft brush slightly dampened with water and soap, and then rinsed with water. For more everyday cleaning, simply use a damp cloth.
Always remember to dry it with a soft cloth.
Important: Never dry the watch in direct sunlight, on a radiator, in front of a cold or hot air vent, or with a hairdryer.
When you're not going to wear the watch, store it in its original case; that's where it will be best protected. It is also recommended for travel and transportation.
If you won't be using your watch for a while, remove the spent battery to prevent it from being damaged by the liquids that can leak from batteries.

Leather Straps:
We recommend changing the strap every 6 to 12 months, depending on usage circumstances and seasons.
To preserve the best quality of the leather, pay attention to the following points:
- Avoid contact with water or exposure to high humidity, as it can distort and discolor the material.
- Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can have a detrimental effect on the color and quality of the leather.
- Cosmetics and oily substances can soil the leather, as it is a permeable material.
Preventing Damage
Impacts are critical for your watch.
In cases of heavy object transportation, avoid resting them against the watch to prevent damage.
We recommend not wearing a watch and jewelry on the same wrist, as contact between them can cause unwanted scratches.
Always try to avoid engaging in risky activities while wearing the watch.
Whenever possible, take off your watch in extreme temperatures (saunas), as they can dry out the movement's lubricants.
Magnetic fields can affect the operation and accuracy of the watch and even stop it. Therefore, avoid bringing your watch close to objects emitting magnetic waves (magnets, manual bag closure systems, televisions, speakers).
If you have any doubts, bring the watch to us for inspection.
Water Resistency
Except for some models, Joaquín Prior watches are designed and manufactured to ensure a minimum water resistance of 30 meters.
No buttons, crown, or functions should be operated while the watch is submerged in water.
If you notice condensation under the crystal, have your watch checked.
Non-waterproof watches are resistant to dust and ambient humidity, but they should not come into contact with liquids or be exposed to high humidity conditions (steam bath).
The watch's mechanism may be affected if exposed to extreme temperatures or sudden changes (sauna), or if it comes into contact with cosmetic or cleaning products, or sweat.
Therefore, Joaquín Prior recommends regular servicing every 3 years.
Special care should always be taken in the following conditions:
Heavy dust
High humidity levels
Prolonged exposure to water (bathing or showering)
Make sure the crown is in the winding position (pushed in), as it may be left out after setting. If the watch still doesn't function properly, bring it to our workshop.
The lifespan of a watch battery is between 2 and 4 years.
If your watch doesn't run properly, send it to us for service.